How the Inventor of the Kimchi Taco Plans to Save the World

Here, a weekend's worth of excellent stories about food—in five fast clicks. First up: a look at chef Roy Choi's plans to save the world.

A weekend's worth of excellent stories about food—in five fast clicks.

Roy Choi, inventor of the kimchi taco, wants to use "the Roy Choi brand" to bring healthy, inexpensive food to the inner city. And he wants to roll a few joints while he does it. From The California Sunday Magazine, courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Another audacious star chef, David Chang, explains why he loves classic French restaurants—really—for GQ. Why? Because these temples of French gastronomy strive for greatness. "For me, it's like watching the NBA during the era of Bird, Magic and Jordan," he writes.

Plenty of chefs forage in forests, but only a few forage in tidal pools along the ocean. Afar follows a tiny group of cooks as they search the Oregon coast for sandy, slimy edibles.

Are you melting butter into your coffee? If so, you have joined the Bulletproof cult. The New York Times explains the new coffee evangelism.

Imagine you have booked a cozy weekend at an Airbnb cabin in the woods, only to discover the place is completely creepy. How do you season the frighteningly rusty cast-iron skillet in the kitchen? Here, a lesson from

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