How I'll Survive My NCAA Tourney Losses—By Drinking at Bowery & Vine

Now that I can't win big in my neighborhood NCAA bracket—how could Western Kentucky have beaten Drake in the last second?—I'm going to ignore college basketball and find some other way to fill my weekend. Luckily for me,  I have a new favorite NYC wine shop where I can spend time: Bowery & Vine. The just-opened spot is next to the gigantic Whole Foods on, you guessed it, the Bowery. The store once existed a block away as Elizabeth & Vine in a building that Martin Scorcese allegedly grew up in (he's apparently been back to visit). I'll be hanging out at Bowery & Vine, specifically from 5 to 8 pm on Saturday, March 22nd, where they'll be tasting a bunch of great Italian wines including Canavari Prosecco from Veneto;  2006 Albino Armani Sauvignon "Vigneto Campo Napoleone"; 2005 Poggio Muralto from Umbria; and  Garofoli Rosso Conero "Piancarda." I'm planning to "taste" so much that my original tourney picks like Winthrop and Gonzaga and USC are just a bad memory.

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