How to Hack Your Meal Kit

Who says you have to follow the recipe in the box? Justin Chapple, star of F&W’s Mad Genius videos, has his own ideas.

As F&W’s resident Mad Genius, I improvise and hack kitchen equipment with abandon to make everyday cooking easier and more fun. So when I got my hands on a Marley Spoon meal kit, I decided to take all those ingredient packets and see if I could come up with my own way to use them.

The meal kit that day had all the makings for stir-fried rice laced with lots of fresh ginger, leeks and ground beef, and garnished with a pickled radish salad. That actually sounded delicious to me. But then, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I started thinking about the most unlikely dish I could create with those ingredients: pizza! My inspiration was an F&W recipe by star chef Grant Achatz, in which he turns rice into a pizza crust.

After steaming the rice from my Marley Spoon kit, I spread it in a skillet and cooked it until crunchy on the bottom. Then I topped it with gingery beef and bok choy, baked it and showered it with a sliced radish, cilantro and frizzled leeks. Crazily enough, I used up every single thing in the kit. Turned out the premeasured ingredients offered a pretested balance of flavors that worked well despite all of my changes.

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