Don’t panic. The massive asteroid speeding towards Earth is probably going to miss hitting the planet this Halloween.

F&W Editors
October 30, 2015

According to CNN, TB145 (nicknamed the Great Pumpkin) will avoid hitting us by 300,000 miles—slightly more than the distance between Earth and the moon. If that’s still a little too close for comfort for you, soothe your fears with these comfort foods.

1. Skillet Chicken-and-Mushroom Potpie 
Making potpie doesn’t have to take a long time. This one-skillet version is prepared with store-bought rotisserie chicken and buttered white bread in place of the usual puff pastry crust.

2. Meatball-and-Provolone Subs 
There’s nothing more satisfying than tender, oversize pork-and-beef meatballs stuffed into a warm hero roll with melted provolone cheese.

3. Classic Southern Fried Chicken 
The secret to this ultra-crispy fried chicken? Crisco.

4. Polenta with Meat Sauce 
Quick-cooking Bolognese sauce, made with sausage, tomatoes, aromatic vegetables and a touch of light cream, is warming and hearty served over a mound of earthy polenta.

5. Stovetop Mac and Cheese 
This clever, quick and easy mac and cheese recipe eliminates the baking time, as well as the need for a white sauce.

6. Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 
A supereasy sandwich, this grilled cheese calls for a mix of Gruyère, fontina and mozzarella.

7. Oregon Tuna Melts 
Approaching tuna-melt perfection, these sandwiches have the ideal tuna-to-cheese ratio.

8. Golden Onion Cheeseburgers with Caper Mayonnaise 
Danny Bowien’s take on the classic Oklahoma City burger features caramelized onions pressed into the patty, plus melted Jack cheese.

9. Three-Queso Dip 
American cheese, Manchego and sharp cheddar come together to create the ultimate Tex-Mex dip.

© John Kernick

10. Grandma’s Lasagna 
This Bolognese-style lasagna includes tomato sauce, chunks of meat, shredded mozzarella and creamy ricotta cheese.