How Diane Von Furstenberg's Private Chef Learned to Cook Like a Local in Mexico

Private chef and world traveler Jane Coxwell reveals her four incredible recipes she picked up during a trip to Valladolid, Mexico.

Private chef and world traveler Jane Coxwell shows how to cook like a local.

Jane Coxwell is an expert at cooking like a local, wherever she is. The Zimbabwe-born chef works for fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, whom she (and the rest of the world) calls DVF. It was at DVF's prompting that Coxwell wrote Fresh Happy Tasty, a collection of recipes she developed while sailing the globe with DVF and Barry Diller on their yacht. Coxwell had a more down-to-earth experience when she traveled on her own to Mexico and happened upon the city of Valladolid, near Tulum. Here, her culinary journal.

Spiced Pork Ribs
Coxwell sweet-talked the owners of a family restaurant into letting her use their grill.

Jicama-and-Citrus Salad
Jane Coxwell picked up the fixings for this crunchy citrus salad at the market and made the simplest of all dressings with just citrus juice, olive oil and salt and pepper.

Seafood-Chorizo Tacos
A tortilla maker paid Coxwell the ultimate compliment: She had her daughter-in-law jot down Jane's taco recipe.

Mexican Chicken Soup
Coxwell improvised chicken soup in a makeshift kitchen.

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