How to Cook Skate Wing

Don't be intimidated by this fan-shaped fish.

A longtime French favorite, skate is becoming increasingly popular with American cooks as they discover just how buttery, flaky and flavorful the flat fish is. Don't be daunted by the fish's odd appearance, it's easy to cook and crazy delicious. Here, five excellent ways to cook skate wing.

1. Skate with Mushrooms and Hazelnuts 

This luscious dish is deceptively simple: skate stuffed with duxelles, a mixture of mushrooms and shallots, served alongside creamed spinach.

2. Skate with Capers and Brown Butter

Impress guests with this classic French skate preparation.

3. Casarecce with Spicy Skate and Snap Peas

Chef Michael Toscano tosses a scroll-shaped pasta known as casarecce (fusilli is a good alternative) with skate so that some of the fish breaks down into lovely shreds.

4. Pan-Fried Skate with Brown Butter and Parsnip Puree

Crunchy almond slivers top this beautiful, fast fish.

5. Skate with Smoked Chile Butter, Capers, Tarargon and Tomato Salad

Amp up the heat with star chef Bobby Flay's incredible smoked chile butter-dressed version.

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