How to Cook Like a Millionaire

Foie gras, truffles—this book will teach you how to cook and eat like you have a million dollars.

Getting a chef to pick a favorite cookbook is like asking a parent to choose her most-loved child. But F&W pressed great cooks around the country to reveal their all-time top picks.

The Chef:Tom Valenti

The Book: The Escoffier Cookbook, by Auguste Escoffier (1907)

“It’s such a window into the past, and some of the recipes are off the hook, like: ‘Take a three-pound chicken, stuff one pound of sliced truffles beneath the skin, then stuff the cavity with an entire lobe of foie gras, truss it and roast along with some beautifully turned potatoes.’ All right, all you millionaires out there, let’s have some chicken for supper! It’s such a testament to its time—that sense of excess and luxury.”

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