How to Bartend Like You're From Brooklyn

A new book focuses on the Brooklyn's penchant for artisanal drinking: Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Cocktails and Stories from the World’s Hippest Borough.

In Brooklyn, it’s not enough to make a cocktail with local mixers or salvaged Mason jars: You have to make a drink with locally distilled spirits. The borough has become a hot spot not only for some of the country’s coolest bars, but also for craft distilleries like Greenhook Ginsmiths, Industry City Distilling and Breuckelen.

A new book focuses on the area’s penchant for artisanal drinking. Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Cocktails and Stories from the World’s Hippest Borough, by bartender Chris Wertz and author Peter Thomas Fornatale, features chapters on a number of Brooklyn distilleries, as well as cocktail recipes from each producer. In addition to 85 recipes, from cocktails to tinctures, the book also spotlights famous local mixologists, Brooklyn’s distillation history and where to drink. Curly mustache not included.

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