How the Bäco Came to Be

Chef Josef Centeno on the origins of his famous flatbread-taco hyrbrid, the Bäco.

Chef Josef Centeno first started making his signature Bäcos (flatbread-taco hybrids) when he was working at Restaurant Maison G in Hollywood. “I would make sandwiches out of flatbread and fine-dining leftovers like braised pork belly,” he says. “They became an off-menu item for regulars. First we called them global tacos, then for about two weeks we called them ‘globacos.’ When I decided to trademark the name, I wanted something shorter that looked and sounded good. When I finally opened my restaurant, we became known for the toron bäco made with a patty of oxtail and house-ground beef topped with hash browns, horseradish yogurt, garlic aioli, onion sprouts, house-made pickles and cheddar cheese.”

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