HoneyBells Are Here!

One of the world's finest citrus fruits has come into its brief season, and our office is downright giddy at their arrival. Cushman's, a citrus company recently bought by Harry & David, was kind enough to send in a dozen of their prettiest specimens. But you don't need to be a F&W staffer to savor these ridiculously juicy, tender, tangy tangelos, hybrids of the Dancy tangerine and Duncan grapefruit first created in Florida in 1945. The fruits are so juicy they weigh more than the average tangelo (up to half a pound), and they come shipped with bibs. They are classified by size, from small Kisses to hefty Giants, and range between $4 and $8 a pound. (If for any reason you weary of eating your HoneyBells fresh, they will also make knockout Tangelo Creamsicles.) You can order them through the Cushman's website, or by calling the HoneyBell hotline (800-776-7575). HoneyBells are also available online at Grandma Berrie's and Indian River Groves, and may well be for sale at your nearest produce store -- but only for a few more weeks.


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