Have Your Cake and Wear it Too with Christina Tosi’s New Scarf

© Devon Knight
The perfect gift for fashionable dessert-lovers.

Christina Tosi of NYC’s Milk Bar and crack pie fame loves scarves. It’s rare to see her without a colorful knot of fabric (many sewn by her grandmother). Local artist Christina J. Wang loves Tosi’s cakes, which she started painting in graduate school. So it makes sense that the incredible dessert revolutionary would team up with the dessert-loving designer to make a pastry-adorned wrap.

© Devon Knight

For the colorful scarf ($175) , Wang illustrated some of Milk Bar’s most famous creations, including "naked" birthday cake with its unfrosted sides, cereal milk, soft-serve, the bagel bomb and crack pie. It's for sale on milkbarstore.com. For more beautiful gift ideas for food lovers, check out our comprehensive guide.

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