Have these Sydney Chefs Invented the New Avocado Toast?

© Anson Smart
Sydney chefs have a particular talent for breakfast. Is one of the dishes here about to become the next avocado toast?

Licorice Toast
Pureed soft black licorice and licorice root lend a dramatic black color to Yellow’s sweet and salty licorice bread, served grilled with housemade cultured butter. yellowsydney.com.au.

Pancakes with Miso Butterscotch
At chic minimalist café Edition Coffee Roasters, Japanese and Nordic flavors merge in pancakes with pineapple and miso butterscotch. editioncoffeeroasters.com.

Corn Fritters
Preternaturally innovative breakfast spot Bills is said to be the birthplace of avocado toast. Now the sweet corn fritters with avocado salsa (above, top) are the dish to order. bills.com.au.

Breakfast Salad
The signature breakfast salad at Ruby’s Diner—poached eggs, avocado, kale, broccoli, almonds and soft feta cheese—is a nutritional powerhouse. rubysdiner.com.au.

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