Haute Jello Shots

Soon after I learned about the seasonal Jell-O shot at Manhattan’s East Village bar Detour, we received a terrific Jell-O shot recipe from new Iron Chef Michael Symon, which will be published in our February issue. I predicted then that luxe Jell-O shots would be the next tiki drinks—the white-hot cocktail category du jour. When asked to bring a dish to food editor Nick Fauchald’s “Fakesgiving,” I thought I’d help perpetuate the nascent trend.

I tried two different versions: cranberry-pomegranate shots with rye whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters, and maple-sweetened Fuji apple shots with bacon-infused bourbon. While I actually preferred the flavor of the tart, intense cranberry shot, the gelatin didn’t set well, so I need to work on the recipe for that one. The apple shot, however, was a huge hit, and I’m very happy to share the recipe here.

Inspired by mixologist Eben Freeman’s technique called “fat washing,” which Nick wrote about in our December 2007 issue, I infused bourbon with bacon first before making the Jell-O. The flavor isn’t overwhelmingly bacony, but the technique does give the Jell-O a savory quality that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

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