Greening the Kitchen, Part 2

In part 1 of this “series,” I offered some general tips about green kitchen renovations I’ve learned over the past year or so. Here are some of my favorite sites with more information about creating an eco-friendly kitchen:

- Natural Built Home This Minneapolis retail store sells all kinds of products needed for a green home renovation, from cotton fiber insulation to recycled glass tiles. I especially love the recycled metal sinks and funky light fixtures from Eleek. The store's Web site has terrific photography and products can be purchased online.

- Inhabitat While not just focused on the home, this up-to-the minute design blog is a must-read for anyone interested in green issues.

- TreeHugger This popular and constantly updated site dedicated to all things green has superuseful guides on making eco-conscious changes and choices.

- Food & Wine has a number of archived stories that feature green kitchens and products. Check out some fun new recycled and sustainable countertops here; green ideas from four innovative restaurants here; and eco-friendly countertops, paints and cleaners here. In the June issue, look for the results of our green cleaning test plus new sustainable lines of kitchen cabinetry.

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