Good Food + Good Parties at the Inauguration

Alice Waters and Art Smith

Nancy Silverton Alice Waters Today torta della nonna

Art Smith Table Fifty-Two Art and Soul Rihanna Oprah


After feeding hundreds of Art and Soul diners at breakfast and lunch, he oversaw a party for JB Pritzker (you can find him on Forbes’s 400 Richest Americans list), where Bill Clinton was a special guest star. Smith then hosted an after-party to highlight the launch of his excellent Chicago children’s cooking charity, Common Threads, in DC. Among the guests, who got to eat Kobe beef corndogs and, yes, fried chicken, were President Clinton, Maria Pinto (designer of many of Michelle Obama’s great dresses, including the purple fist bump one) and Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio. Smith’s highlight: Introducing Alice Waters to Obama’s social secretary, Desiree Rogers, who knew Waters had urged the Obamas to grow organic vegetables in the White House garden. “Alice,” Smith heard Rogers say, “we’re going to get you that garden.”


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