Get Your Morning Whiskey Fix with Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans

The best new coffee for whiskey lovers.

Ex-whiskey barrels (oak barrels that once held whiskey) have never been more popular. Breweries are using them to age beers, tequila companies are finishing high-end añejos in them, and even vodka companies are getting in on the trend. Now, the prized barrels are imparting their oaky, vanilla-tinged aromatics to coffee.

Bulleit Bourbon, in partnership with a London coffee house called The Gentlemen Baristas, has created two limited-edition coffees made with beans that have spent two weeks in ex-bourbon casks. The first bean blend, called The Trucker, is meant for espresso and made with single-origin beans from El Salvador. For brewed coffee fans, there’s The Gatsby, made with single-origin beans from Colombia.

According to the Drinks Enthusiast, who tasted both of the coffees, the bourbon barrels imparted zesty, spicy notes to the brews. The coffee is also being touted as, of course, a perfect whiskey cocktail ingredient.

The bourbon barrel-aged beans can be purchased at for £14.95 (about $22) per bag.

[h/t The Drinks Business]

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