Garance Doré Loves Margaritas and Eats Milk Bar Cookies at Fashion Shows

Style blogger Garance Doré drinks margaritas in Manhattan, dives for sea urchins in Greece and eats Momofuku cookies at fashion shows.

Style blogger Garance Doré drinks margaritas in Manhattan, dives for sea urchins in Greece and eats Milk Bar cookies at fashion shows.

My Father the Chef
I grew up in a remote village in Corsica. My father was a chef, and there were no roads to his restaurant, so everyone came by boat. It was in a protected UNESCO area; only one fisherman was allowed there, and he fished just for us.

Legendary Fashion-Food Moment
My favorite designer, Dries Van Noten, once surprised his dinner guests by having models walk down the center of the table like it was a runway. I wasn’t there—this was before I got involved in fashion—but apparently it was wonderful.

Best Fashion-Show Snack
I always know I’m going to get a delicious Milk Bar cookie at the Band of Outsiders show.

Embracing American Eating Habits
One of the things I had to adjust to in America is that people carry food everywhere—it’s always time to eat! Since moving to New York City, I’ve also discovered that I love margaritas.

Vacation Food Fantasy
This summer, while in Mykonos, I caught my own sea urchins and ate them right on the beach. I used to do it all the time in Corsica; you just pop them open with a knife and scoop out the insides.

Hotel Secret
In Paris, I always stay at the Hôtel Thoumieux. They make their own yogurts and jams, and the croissants come from their bakery across the street. I try not to eat everything I see.

Ideal Dinner Date
I met my icon, J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons, at a dinner. She just sat down next to me and started talking. We’re very dear friends now.

Pasta Project
If I want to impress people, I make lasagna. It eats up the whole afternoon, and I have to take a bath afterward because I sweat so much.

Healthy Greek Recipes
Terrific Margaritas
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