The #FWFesties Hit South Beach

Get all the festival highlights from the #FWFesties!

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is officially underway in Miami, and lucky fest-goers are looking forward to events like José Andrés’s poolside paella party and Josh Capon’s oyster bash, not to mention the city’s stunning beaches and already vibrant food scene. Can’t be there to taste and tan? We have the next best thing: Daily dispatches from our on-the-ground chef reporters (a.k.a. the #FWFesties). Get all the highlights by following Food & Wine on Twitter and Instagram and see every sun-soaked shot by following the hasghtag #FWFesties as well as the festies themselves:

Andrew Zimmern
Instagram: @chefaz
Twitter: @andrewzimmern

Janine Booth
Instagram: @chefjaninebooth
Twitter: @chefjaninebooth

Jose Andres
Instagram: @chefjoseandres
Twitter: @chefjoseandres

Josh Capon
Instagram: @chefcapon
Twitter: @chefcapon

Nina Compton
Instagram: @ninacompton
Twitter: @nina_compton

Kenny Gilbert
Instagram: @chefkennyg
Twitter: @chefkennyg37

Mindy Segal
Instagram: @mindysegal
Twitter: @mindysegal

Jamie Bissonnette
Instagram: @jamiebiss
Twitter: @jamiebiss

Jenn Louis
Instagram: @jennlouis
Twitter: @jennlouispdx

Michael Mina
Instagram: @chefmichaelmina
Twitter: @chefmichaelmina

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