F&W Followers Frequent Commander’s Palace, Drink Bourbon

F&W doesn't expect you to see every tweet we send out (just almost every one). Catch up each week with this top 5 list.

1. @fandw: RT if you've ever eaten at @Commanders_NOLA #TopChef

2. @fandw: Bourbon lovers, here are the bottles you should be buying: http://fandw.me/1aSMJNi

3. @fandw: If you were a type of pasta, what would it be? It’s National Pasta Day! Celebrate with all breeds of noodle: http://fandw.me/15IMK6E

4. @fandw: Carving pumpkins? Save the seeds for these fantastic recipes: http://fandw.me/171QYcJ

5. @fandw: If you’re a fungi, you already know it’s National Mushroom Day! 30 recipes for porcinis, chanterelles & more: http://fandw.me/c5M5SC

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