F&W Exclusive: LudoBites New Reservation System with Urbanspoon

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LudoBites 8 Ludo Krissy Lefebvre LudoBites 007

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There’s one more way to get into LudoBites 8. From January 7 through February 7, anyone who makes a reservation for an LA restaurant through Urbanspoon and then tweets it out, is entered in a lottery to win a free (free!! whoopee!!) dinner for four at LudoBites 8 on February 20.

Ludobites 8 Will Have an Awesome New Reservation System.

LudoBites 8

Where Lemon Moon Josiah Citrin Raphael Lunetta

When the Reservation Process Starts

Where the Reservation Process Takes Place www.urbanspoon.com/ludobites8

When You Can Eat At LudoBites 8

One Last Way to Eat at LudoBites 8: There will be 6 walk-in seats each night at the bar. If the weather is nice (and come on, this is LA, there will be additional walk-in patio seating).

Menu: In process. Will be finalized by January 18.

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