Fried Cheese Is the Most Comforting Comfort Food Ever

What's more comforting than cheese? Try warm, crispy, gooey fried cheese.

From savory Greek-inspired tarts to sweet, honey-coated goat cheese balls, here are five amazing recipes that call for fried cheese.

1. Creamed Spinach with Fried Cheese Curds

© Eliesa Johnson

Chef Gavin Kaysen's decadent creamed spinach features delicious cheddar cheese curds.

2. Fried Goat Cheese Balls with Honey

These sweet-savory fritters are excellent either as an appetizer or a dessert.

3. Red Pepper and Onion Tarts with Dates and Fried Cheese

Fried Kasseri cheese tops these savory Greek-influenced tarts.

4. Pan-Fried Scamorza with Arugula Salad and Two Pestos

Pan-frying scamorza, a firm Itlalian cow's milk cheese, gives it an irresistible crust. Provolone would also work well.

5. Besh's Fried Goat Cheese and Frisée Salad

Star chef Jon Besh's terrific salad combines fried goat cheese medallions with thin slices of country ham.

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