French Collector Buys Silver-Plated Duck Press for $45,000

Going once… going twice…

Life is full of luxuries for those who can afford them. And to one deep-pocketed person, an antique device designed to squeeze blood and bone marrow from a duck carcass is worth €40,000 ($45,000). That's what a French collector spent at auction on Monday for a silver-plated duck press from legendary Paris restaurant La Tour d’Argent, according to

La Tour d’Argent is a Michelin-starred restaurant on Paris’ river Seine whose signature “Canard a la Presse,” or pressed duck, has been served an estimated 1.15 million times since 1890. The duck press, which was one of four owned by the Left Bank restaurant, was manufactured in the 19th-century by Christofle and inscribed with the restaurant’s famous emblem.

Curious to see a similar press in action? If you're not squeamish, watch below.

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