French Chefs Made a 15,000-Egg Easter Omelet

© AFP/Getty Images
France has seriously out-brunched us.

An omelet typically has 2-3 eggs—4 if you’re really hungry. Right?

Not in France! About 10,000 people gathered in the town of Bessieres on Monday to watch 40 cooks create an Easter omelet made with 15,000 eggs. Using a four-meter pan, the cooks beat and stirred the eggs using super-long poles to produce this masterpiece.

Members of the Giant Omelette Brotherhood of Bessieres carry out this peculiar, yet delicious-sounding, tradition annually as homage to Napoleon Bonaparte, who enjoyed an omelet made by a local innkeeper when he was visiting a spot near the town. Napoleon loved the omelet so much that he ordered the townspeople to feed his army a giant omelet made with all of the eggs in the village.

Fast-forward almost 200 years, and here we are, oogling a 15,000-egg omelet that makes all of our Easter brunches feel inferior.

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