Forbidden Rice: Not Forbidden, and Definitely Delicious

Don’t be intimidated by the name; forbidden rice (also called black or purple rice) is not actually forbidden.

Don’t be intimidated by the name; forbidden rice (also called black or purple rice) is not actually forbidden. In fact, we very much encourage you to eat it. Packed with iron, vitamin E and antioxidants, the healthy rice has a deliciously chewy texture and nutty flavor. Plus, its striking color makes for an impressive presentation. Here, seven recipes for fantastic forbidden rice.

1. Fried Forbidden Rice
For a robust take on the Indonesian fried rice dish nasi goring, chef Sang Yoon stir-fries black rice with bacon and roasted garlic.

2. Brazilian Black Rice
This dish combines richly flavored Bahian seafood with healthy whole-grain black rice.

3. Arctic Char, Black Rice and Napa Cabbage En Papillote
Adding miso to the black rice in this dish gives it incredible depth of flavor.

4. Black Rice Salad with Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Edamame and Pomegranate
Black forbidden rice was made for salads, with its pleasantly chewy texture and mild taste. It absorbs the flavors of the dressing, giving other ingredients a solid background and a chance to shine.

5. Black Rice Veggie Burgers
These gluten-free vegan burgers are made with coconut black rice, edamame and fresh herbs, then topped with marinated golden beets.

6. Black Rice with Stir-Fried Cabbage and Peanut Sauce
This vegetarian recipe is especially satisfying thanks to the spicy peanut sauce.

7. Barley and Rice Tomato Salad
This is the perfect salad for showing off beautiful tomatoes. Light-colored barley and black rice create a nice textural base for the salad.

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