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Kitchen Trash
© Quentin Bacon

© Quentin Bacon

Is it my imagination or is food-related crime on the rise?

Not that criminal activity involving food is a brand new thing. Here’s an AP dispatch from July 2004, featuring the activities of Michael Monn, who was arrested on his 23rd birthday in Maryville, TN, while "drunk, nude and covered with nacho cheese." Take it away, AP:

"Monn was detained early Sunday as he ran toward a Jeep in the parking lot outside a swimming pool snack bar. According to police, he was stark naked and was carrying a box of Frito Lay snacks and a container of nacho cheese. 'The male had nacho cheese in his hair, on his face and on his shoulders,'" Here now, more recent crimes—some much more serious than others—from the culinary world. »


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