Food Celebrities Feed America


A table of food stars for Macy's Come Together charity.

The goal of feeding 10 million hungry people in America is not a modest one. So thank goodness some big guns are addressing the situation. Come Together, the new initiative by Macy’s and Feeding America, includes plenty of paparazzi-worthy celebrities (Donald Trump, Tommy Hilfiger, Jessica Simpson) promoting charitable dinner parties, where hosts will ask guests to make a donation to Feed America instead of bringing a hostess gift. On Tuesday night, Macy’s hosted its own dinner with some paparazzi-worthy chefs from their Culinary Council to launch the initiative. Emeril Lagasse prepared shrimp remoulade, chicken jambalaya and sautéed pound cake with flambéed for the assorted food stars, who included Cat Cora, Ming Tsai and Nancy Silverton; my boss, Food & Wine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin; and my Top Chef hero and colleague, Gail Simmons.


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