Flowery Cocktails for Bridal Showers

By F&W Editors Posted March 17, 2016

Forget the centerpieces—cocktails are much better vessels for floral arrangements.

Hosting a bridal shower? Here’s an idea: flowers, everywhere! Along with beautiful bouquets and party favors, wow your guests (and the bride-to-be) with an array of gorgeous, garden-inspired drinks. Here, the most beautiful cocktails for a bridal shower that could rival the wedding.

1. The Don’s Bramble 

Food & Wine:

Muddled blackberries give this cocktail its beautiful hue.

2. Rose Martinis 

Food & Wine: Rose Martinis


Homemade rose water is the key to these gorgeous martinis.

3. Lilikoi 

Food & Wine:

This tangy mango mocktail is garnished with an edible orchid.

4. Cholo Fresco 

Food & Wine:

What’s fresher than cucumber, melon, mint and lime?

5. Of Mountains and Valleys 

Food & Wine: Of Mountains and Valleys

© Lucas Allen

Vodka and Scotch are a surprisingly delicious pairing.

6. The Harrier 

Food & Wine:

This lavender-scented riff on a Greyhound is made with gin instead of vodka.

7. Vodka-Rose Punch 

Food & Wine:

Padma Lakshmi loves the floral accent and frilly ping tinge rose syrup gives to drinks.

8. Passionflower 

Food & Wine:

This cocktail gets its "passion" from Parfait Amour ("perfect love"), a sweet violet liqueur flavored with violet petals, orange peel and vanilla bean.

9. La Joie 

Food & Wine:

Hibiscus flowers give this cocktail is floral-fruity flavor.

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