Finger-licking Good Ladyfingers

I'm an utter failure when it comes to making desserts. My one and only stab at baking a cake was using a recipe from How To Boil Water by the Food Network Kitchens, which Kate Heddings, F&W's resident dessert expert, told me was the easiest cake recipe she knew. It yielded a surprising—and a bit unsettling—response from a friend who tried a piece: "Juicy!" My first (and yes, only) attempt at tiramisu ended up looking a lot like bread pudding. So it goes without saying that I won't be making tiramisu anytime soon using Di Ciaccio's amazing Antico Savoiardo, handmade flourless ladyfingers newly imported from Italy's Lazio region ($12 for 3.88 ounces from Bella Italia; 301-654-2667). That would just be a waste. Instead, I'll continue to do what I've been doing all afternoon: eat the superdelicate lady fingers, which practically disintegrate on the tongue, as a deskside snack. Note to the more skilled pastry chefs of the world: Tell me if they're just as great in tiramisu.

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