Fact/Fiction About Rusty Knot’s Party Bus Tonight

As Eater reported yesterday, tonight a party bus is headed to the Rusty Knot, the dressed-up dive bar in NYC's West Village, where Andrew Kuo will dj. So, let’s separate some of the facts from some of the potential falsehoods.

Can anyone get on the bus? Yes (anyone who can legally drink, anyway).

Will the bus stop in Williamsburg? Yes, at North Seventh Street and Bedford Avenue.

Will the bus stop in the East Village? Yes, at First Avenue and First Street.

Is there only one shot to get on the bus? No, it’s making two trips, at 8 p.m. and again at 10, starting in Williamsburg (there’s more info at therustyknot.com).

Is there free beer, smoking and dancing on the bus? Apparently so.

And costumes? Yes.

Is Ken Friedman (co-owner of the Rusty Knot and the Spotted Pig) really going to dress up like Tiger Woods? Let’s hope not.

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