Emeril Lagasse’s Favorite American Pinot Noirs

The legendary chef shares some of his top Pinot Noir picks. 

After a night on the line, most chefs have a go-to drink, from cheap beer to a house bartender’s expert cocktail. Here, star chefs reveal their favorite drinks.

“I’m a big wine drinker and collector,” says legendary chef Emeril Lagasse. “I’m not a snobby collector—I just collect what I want to drink.” While his absolute favorite wines are Burgundies—both red and white—he is also a domestic Pinot Noir enthusiast. “I’m a big fan of Kosta Browne, Williams Selyem, Patz & Hall, Domaine Serene and Pride Mountain Vineyards,” he says.

For more great Pinot Noir recommendations and some terrific pairings, visit F&W’s Pinot Noir HQ.

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