Editors Picks: Beheaded Rioja and Grand Wedding Tea

Coffee, wine, beer, cocktails—if it’s made well and it’s potable, then F&W editors will drink it. Here's what we tried this past week.

Beheaded Rioja: According to restaurant editor Kate Krader, “Everyone needs to see their wine bottle beheaded.” At Eleven Madison Park, sommelier Cedric Nicaise removed the neck of a bottle of R. Lopez Rioja with heated port tongs.

Wedding Tea: Recently-wed senior wine editor Megan Krigbaum steeped some of TWG's Grand Wedding Tea, a black tea blended with sunflowers and pineapple.

Midtown Cocktails: A good midtown NYC craft cocktail bar? Features assistant Chelsea Morse proves it’s not a myth at Lantern’s Keep.

Northern Gin and Tonic: At the new B.B.R. in Williamsburg, I, assistant digital editor Justine Sterling, tried a savory and refreshing Northern Tonic: aquavit, Perry Tot gin, Strega, celery bitters and cucumber.

Epic Wine Dinner: Associate multimedia editor James Pomerantz drank his way through one of Pearl & Ash’s Renegade Wine Dinners. This one was pegged to a plethora of cool Californian bottles.

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