What's better than chocolate? Even more chocolate! From warm, gooey brownie cakes to luscious pudding, here are nine recipes to make for double-chocolate deliciousness.

December 11, 2015

1. Chewy Double-Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate lovers will go crazy for these amazing (and easy) cookies.

2. Double-Chocolate Soufflés
These light and fluffy dessert soufflés have irresistible sugary edges.

3. Chocolate-Mint Thumbprints 
Creamy, minty-white chocolate fills these delicious chocolate cookies.

4. Warm Double-Chocolate Brownie Cakes
Cookbook author Emily Luchetti bakes the batter in muffin cups so the edges turn crispy and chewy like a brownie, but the inside becomes soft and fluffy like a cake.

5. Double-Chocolate Hot Chocolate
How do you upgrade hot chocolate? By using both bittersweet and milk chocolate.

6. Chocolate and Coffee-Hazelnut Meringue Cake
A creamy mocha-mousse filling made with both white and bittersweet chocolate stars in this delicious, crowd-pleasing cake.

7. Double Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Filling
These tender chocolate cupcakes are filled with creamy peanut butter, then dipped in a rich, silky chocolate ganache frosting.

8. Double-Chocolate Cookie Crumble
Pastry chef Nicole Krasinski's deeply chocolaty crumble makes the perfect ice cream topping, but it's also exquisite on its own.

9. Double-Chocolate Pudding
This silky pudding is firm enough to stand a spoon in.