Don’t Mess with Kyle Bailey’s Spoon

F&W asked chefs around the country how they would prepare for an apocalyptic situation, a la The Road. Some went for luxury goods—others focused on survival. Here, chef Kyle Bailey of Washington DC’s Birch & Barley details his plan for a pack that’s both useful and deadly.

“I have this iced-tea spoon, and I use it for everything. It’s perfect for tasting and stirring and cracking somebody on the head,” Bailey says. “Honestly, I carry it around with me. So I’d bring that and a Japanese petty knife. It’s super-sharp and good for everything. And, a wine key. You can do so much with a wine key.” He would also secure sherry vinegar, black pepper and bacon—presumably to flavor whatever he cracks over the head with his iced-tea spoon.

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