Doing Good with eBay

Yesterday, I went to an event for by eBay, a new online marketplace devoted solely to selling ethically sourced and eco-friendly products, including items from food and tabletop artisans around the world. One of the things I was excited to see was Divine Chocolate, a line of fair-trade-certified chocolate bars that are exceptionally good (I especially like their surprisingly creamy 70% Dark Chocolate), and which have an amazing back story. The company is co-owned by more than 52,000 cacao farmers who make up the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative in Ghana. At the event, one of the members, Cecilia Appianim, told me how drastically her life has changed since becoming a member of the co-op. I also discovered boldly colored, hand-painted ceramic platters, bowls and plates inspired by Mexico's traditional Talavera pottery and supercute animal-shaped napkin rings made with banana fiber by a group of craftswomen in Kenya.

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