Day 4: The Hope & Glory Inn

The Hope and Glory Inn

© Courtesy of Tom Colicchio
The Hope and Glory Inn

Editor's note: Tom Colicchio, the head judge on Bravo's Top Chef (and a Food & Wine Best New Chef 1991), will be blogging every day this week about his road trip from Atlanta.

When it came time to hit the sheets, Travis and Ryan recommended a local institution just a few minutes down the road, the Hope & Glory Inn. Peggy and Dudley Patteson have taken a 19th Century schoolhouse and converted it into a country inn, complete with private one-bedroom cottages (originally dormitories) out back. We didn't get to spend much time at the Hope & Glory, but it Peggy and Dudley's southern hospitality was a welcome change from the impersonal, big brand hotels that I so often end up in when travelling.

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