Dana Cowin's Dream Concession Stand

Here, produced by F&W's Julia Heffelfinger, a makeover of the movie-theater concession stand. No popcorn machine necessary.

With coast-to-coast viewing parties, the Oscars have become one of the most popular food holidays of the year. So in honor of the city that produces so many great movies we love, in our April issue we're offering you recipes from the best restaurants in L.A., a glimpse into the real life of food-TV star Curtis Stone, favorite dishes from one of the red carpet's most desirable designers and more. But first, a makeover of the movie-theater concession stand. No popcorn machine necessary.

Popcorn: Halfpops
This half-popped, sublimely crunchy snack is all flavor, no fluff. I'm a purist, so I go for the butter-and-sea-salt kind. $24 for sixteen 2 oz bags; halfpops.com

Candy Bars: Grown Up Bars
A line of elegant, small-batch bars from London. $25 for 6; chelseamarketbasket.com

Ginger Chews: Chimes Mango
These classic chewy candies are a little spicy from stone-ground ginger. $4 for a 5 oz bag; chimesgourmet.com

Gummies: Quin Gumdrops
Gummies are my weakness. These are made with real fruit purees. $8 for 10 pieces; quincandy.com

Soda: Pure Sodaworks Café Cola
I never drink soda, but this one, brewed with locally roasted espresso, is compelling. $7 for four 12 oz bottles; puresodaworks.com

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