Cynthia Rowley Eats Pancakes in Bhutan, Mac and Cheese and Nine-Year-Old Wedding Cake

Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley shares her favorite weeknight dinner and discusses her signature flask bracelet.

Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley shares her favorite weeknight dinner and discusses her signature flask bracelet.

Breakfast in Bhutan
I told my kids we were going to the magic kingdom. They thought I meant Disney World, but we went to the real magic kingdom of Bhutan. We ate the most amazing brown sugar–ricotta pancakes at the Uma by Como hotel in Paro.

Candy Vision
When I opened the first Curious Candy store in New York, I had a vision of Tim Burton meets Willy Wonka. Our sweets appeal to adults as well as to kids, like black licorice cotton candy—it’s a great hostess gift, more fun than a bottle of wine.

Designing Her Superpopular Flask Bangle
I used to joke about wanting a flask bracelet, and one day I was like, “Why don’t I just make this?” They’ve become my signature— I don’t know if that’s good or bad!

DIY Beer Brewing
I make my own beer sometimes for friends. I call it “High Brau,” and the tagline is, “You have nothing to fear but my beer itself!”

Sabering Champagne
My friend gave me a saber and taught me how to lop the head off Champagne bottles, so it’s become a tradition after shows.

Mastering the Weeknight Dinner
I get home late, and putting dinner on the table is a big family event. I make an amazing homemade mac and cheese for my kids, and then I turn it into a grown-up version with truffle oil, parmesan and prosciutto. I always broil it so it’s crunchy on top.

Becoming a Rum Drinker
I usually drink tequila, but my friend opened a small-batch rum distillery in Brooklyn called Owney’s, so I’ve converted to rum.

Eating Her Frozen Wedding Cake
I’ve been married for nine years, and I still eat a bite of wedding cake with my husband on our anniversary. He’s like, “Please don’t make me eat that,” and I’m like, “You’re eating it, buddy!”

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