Could Roy Choi’s Tacos Win Los Angeles the 2024 Olympics?

Tacos could give L.A. the edge.

Los Angeles really wants to score the 2024 summer Olympics Games, so they're pulling out the big guns. In a recent video from the city's 2024 Olympics Bid Committee (below), L.A. celebrities answered the question: Where will you be in 2014? The cameos include heavy hitters like actress Jessica Alba, comedian Will Ferrell, The Late Late Show bandleader Reggie Watts and chef Roy Choi. “In 2024, the Russian weightlifting team is going to be eating Korean tacos. That’s what they’re going to be eating,” Choi says in the video.

If anyone can tempt the International Olympic Committee with tacos, it’s Choi. After all, he’s responsible for kicking off the countrywide Korean taco craze. Of course, if Kogi BBQ tacos aren’t the Olympic Committee members’ thing, Choi has other options. His insanely satisfying L.A. Gas Station tacos, for example, might be an even more appropriate bribe. Learn how to make the cheesy, spicy, crunchy tacos here.

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