Coming Soon to a Bar Near You: Smoked Sheep Dung Beer

It appears the Icelandic brewery Borg Brugghús has created a beer that gets its unique taste characteristics from, yes indeed, sheep dung.

A recent do-not-miss story in the world of beer news: It appears the Icelandic brewery Borg Brugghús has created a beer that gets its unique flavor characteristics from, yes indeed, sheep dung. The malted barley that goes into their Fenrir Nr. 26 is smoked over burning Icelandic sheep excrement for several hours, resulting in a brew that is, according to brewmaster Sturlaugur Jon Björnsson, “Þetta er í raun létt¬ur IPA bjór með sítrus¬legt og ferskt bragð og lykt frá huml¬un¬um. Síðan kem¬ur svo¬lítið þyngri, taðreykt¬ur fíl¬ing¬ur í þetta en þetta geng¬ur allt sam¬an upp.” For the non-Icelandic among us, that more or less translates as “It’s a lightweight IPA with fresh citrus and hop notes, then comes a bit heavier taste from the…” Well. You get the idea.

This sort of madness isn’t exactly new—witness Beer Geek Brunch Weasel beer from Denmark craft beer superstar Mikkeller, which derived some of its flavor from Vietnamese ca phe chon (coffee beans harvested from civet cat poop). But, you know, it’s still not exactly mainstream.

There are certainly plans import the Fenrir Nr. 26, as soon as the FDA approves it, but it isn’t here yet. To whet your thirst, though, it’s worth checking out the extremely amusing video the lively guys at Borg have produced. Because how often do you get to watch bearded brewers trying to light sheep dung on fire with Bic lighters in a windswept Icelandic pasture?

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