Colin Hanks on His Family's Famous Grilled Chicken Recipe and the Best Sandwich in New Orleans

Colin Hanks is always on the lookout for a good restaurant recommendation—whether in Florence, Tokyo or Fargo.

Colin Hanks is always on the lookout for a good restaurant recommendation—whether in Florence, Tokyo or Fargo.

Restaurant Obsession
My wife works on Top Chef, and through her I became obsessed with restaurants. “Seen any good movies?” hasn’t been replaced by “Eaten anywhere great?” but it’s close. I’ve got a roster of people I go to. Gail Simmons is one, which is like having Wayne Gretzky on your hockey team. 

Missing Out on a Casserole Classic
Because I was on FX’s Fargo, a lot of people have asked, “Have you eaten hot dish?” I haven’t!

New Orleans Tipster
I was shooting in New Orleans, and while I was folding my undies at the laundromat I met a guy who said, “Go to Verti Marte; get the All That 
Jazz sandwich.” It’s filled with shrimp and ham, and it was the most amazing sandwich ever.

Go-To Grilling Recipe
[My dad’s wife] Rita [Wilson] is Greek, and we call her father Papou. We have this recipe called Papou’s Chicken. It’s one of those great, simple marinades: lemon, oregano, garlic, white wine.

Sign of a Great Ramen
I recently checked out Ramen Champ in L.A. I’m picky about the egg: It needs to be a bit runny and marinated just right. First bite in, the noodles are great—and the egg delivered! It’s the same owner as Eggslut, so of course they have perfect eggs.

Eating Efficiently in Japan
I ate a lot of ramen in Japan. You order on a vending machine and sit when there’s a free seat. It doesn’t matter if you came with other people.

Omakase Life Philosophy
I’m just trying to live my life omakase-style—guided by everyone’s suggestions. We had an incredible meal at Il Latini in Florence and only went because a friend loved it.

Restaurant-list Chain Letters
I have food lists for everywhere I go. If I send a list to someone, he knows it’s his list now, and he has to add good stuff to it and pass it on.

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