Chicago Might Be Getting a Beer Museum

© Su-Lin Hennecke, Designer, LEED AP BD+C
Big news re: brews.

If you love beer, you might consider pulling out your credit card to support an intriguing new project: There's a crowdfunding campaign underway to open The Chicago Brewseum, a museum that would celebrate the culture and history of Chicago’s beer industry.

The goal is to raise $25,000 toward building that would begin in 2019. Preliminary plans include interactive exhibits, a bar and tasting room that would offer crafts from the best local breweries and room for public programs and beer events. The Brewseum also intends to be housed in a multi-story, LEED-Certified building.

There appears to be large, varied team working on the project, including John Hall of Goose Island, Karen Hamilton of Lagunitas and a great many authors, journalists and academics. This is definitely a project to watch.

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