Chefs Club by Food & Wine Hosts World Premiere of Mister Jiu's in February

From left to right: © Barnard & Meyer; © Bob Martus; © Barnard & Meyer
In a new series of chef dinners, New York's Chefs Club by Food & Wine will host the world premieres of hotly-anticipated restaurants.

The 2016 program kicks off on February 8 and 9, with Brandon Jew, who opens Mister Jiu's this March in San Francisco's historic Chinatown. Brandon will prepare a banquet-style Chinese New Year feast and share an exclusive sneak peek at some of the revamped Chinese-American dishes he'll serve at Mister Jiu's.

Make your reservations at or by calling (212) 941-1100. Dinners begin at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $125pp.

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