This Chef is Taking New England Cooking to the Next Level

If New England had a culinary ambassador, it could be Matt Jennings.

Chef Matt Jenning's is taking New England cooking to a new level at his new Boston restaurant, Townsman.

If New England had a culinary ambassador, it could be Matt Jennings. When he was chef at Farmstead, Inc., in Providence, he became a local hero for his sensational New England-style bistro and its cheese shop. (A former cheesemonger, Jennings worked 
for years at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts.) He’s such a champion of local seafood and produce that he collaborated with US Senator Jack Reed on campaigns to promote them. He also got the attention of international chef organizations like Cook It Raw, which made him a star at its 2013 gathering, alongside cooks like Albert Adrià. Now Jennings has returned 
to his hometown of Boston to open the brasserie Townsman. His menu features seafood, from a towering plateau with items like chopped shad roe to a mussel stew with pork brisket. There’s also a burger topped with homemade American cheese: “Hard to make but fun enough to be worth it,” he says. 120 Kingston St.;

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