Chef Roy Choi Makes the Time 100

Roy Choi gets recognized.

Today, Time dropped the list of The 100 Most Influential People. On it are game-changers like Tim Cook, Pope Francis, Mark Zuckerberg, Caitlyn Jenner and one person we're particularly excited to see included, chef Roy Choi.

A Food & Wine Best New Chef 2010, Choi can be credited with kicking off the elevated food truck movement with his fleet of Kogi Korean BBQ trucks. He mentored Jon Favreau. He opened what F&W’s Kate Krader calls the best new restaurant of 2016. He even managed to make Spam appetizing. So it only makes sense that he be recognized as a “culinary trailblazer” by Time and that he be honored with a write up by fellow trailblazer, Anthony Bourdain.

In his piece, Bourdain recognized both Choi’s cooking prowess as well as his entrepreneurial triumphs and activist efforts. He writes that over the course of Choi’s career, the incredible chef has “put it all on the line to improve the quality of life for people few others seem to care about. Its’ not a pose, it’s a cause: it’s who he is.” Read the full piece and see who else made the list over at

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