Chef Jonathan Brooks Makes Brunch-Friendly Cocktails from a Tchotchke-Decorated Garage

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Jonathan Brooks, whose restaurant, Milktooth, is only open until 3 p.m., is the first chef ever to win F&W's Best New Chef award without serving dinner. Here, Brooks shares some of his creative brunch recipes.

All week, F&W is introducing the 2015 Best New Chefs. See their genius recipes here.

Jonathan Brooks; Milktooth, Indianapolis
F&W had never given a Best New Chef award to a cook who doesn’t serve dinner. Then we met Jonathan Brooks, whose restaurant, Milktooth, 
is only open until 3 p.m. In a garage decorated with family tchotchkes, the Indianapolis native serves transcendent, internationally influenced dishes. He prepares okonomiyaki, the savory Japanese pancake, with fried mortadella from a local butcher, purple carrots, house Sriracha aioli and—because it’s brunch—a fried egg. He even makes a tacky ’80s cocktail cool and brunch-friendly, spiking his Long Island Iced Coffee with amaro.

Recipes from Jonathan Brooks:
Red Cabbage and Fried Mortadella Okonomiyaki
White Quinoa Grits with Shrimp and Mexican Grilled Corn
Long Island Iced Coffee

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