Ceramist Clair Catillaz Inspired These Party-Perfect Cockles in Broth

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The Brooklyn-based ceramist behind Clam Lab creates rustic, minimalist designs with all the hallmark irregularities of hand-thrown clay.

All week, F&W is introducing artisans who inspired the outstanding summer recipes from our August issue.

Clair Catillaz, the Brooklyn-based ceramist behind Clam Lab, creates rustic, minimalist designs with all the hallmark irregularities of hand-thrown clay. She became popular on Etsy around 2010 before going out on her own, acquiring a reputation for neutral-toned dishes that make food look beautiful (pictured). Now, she’s starting to branch out from utilitarian tableware into more experimental statement pieces like angular jugs and platters. Incorporating pebbled textures, they are also her first forays into colored glazes. “I made only white and gray stuff for years, so even pale pinks feel really extreme,” says Catillaz, who mixes her own glazes—a rarity even among experienced ceramists. $60; clamlab.com.

Recipe Inspiration: Cockles with Beans and Cherry Tomatoes in Garlic Broth
“Clam Lab’s ceramics remind me of the sea,” says Kay Chun. The colors are like sand and seashells with subtle patterns similar to the ones on cockles.” She uses those cockles for a supereasy seafood stew.

Learn more about Clair Catillaz and see her work in this video.

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