Celebrate David Bowie's Brilliant Life with His Favorite Food: Shepherd’s Pie

© Tim Mosenfelder / Corbis
The best recipes for David Bowie's favorite food.

Like the rest of the Ziggy Stardust–loving world, we were shocked to wake up to the news of David Bowie’s death. In his memory, we’ll leave it to more qualified sources to honor the incredible impact he had on music, art and style and stick to what we know best: food.

You may not have expected it from his slight, lithe build, but Bowie loved shepherd’s pie. When his Japanese record label opened a David Bowie–themed restaurant, shepherd’s pie made with “plenty of cheese” was the main attraction owing to his love for the hearty pub classic. He loved it so much that his wife, supermodel Iman, made it for him regularly—even if she was on her way to an evening out, dressed in a gown and heels. Here, a meaty, potatoey salute to the rock legend’s legacy featuring five of our most comforting recipes for shepherd’s pie.

1. Shepherd’s Pie 

Madeira, a fortified wine, gives this version a caramelly sweetness.

2. Lamb and Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pies 


Sweet potatoes mashed with tangy, creamy goat cheese make for a delicious topping.

3. Chicken Shepherd’s Pie 

This easy recipe is perfect for weeknight dinners.

4. Winter-Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie 

You have considerable leeway in assembling the ingredients for this English-inspired meal in a dish, but there should always be carrots, onions and at least three other vegetables, one of them green.

5. Spiced-Lamb and Potato Pie 

©Fredrika Stjärne

For this Mediterranean revamp of a shepherd's pie, Carla Hall adds feta and fresh mint, and swaps in fried potato slices for the usual mashed potatoes.


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