Breville's Fab New Toaster

More of a toaster oven person myself, I never understood the appeal of a toaster—why dedicate so much counter space to an appliance that only does one thing? I prefer using a mini-oven that can roast potatoes and bake a small batch of cookies as well as it can crisp my morning bagel. But Breville’s new Die-Cast Smart Toaster might cause me to convert. Not only does it lower bread like an elevator (seriously, you press a button, and the slices slowly descends into the machine), it actually recognizes the way you toast:

Afraid your delicate challah will overbrown? Press the “Lift and Look” button and the shelf will rise so that you can peek at the slice’s progress, then lower it back down without interrupting the toasting cycle. Wish you could get your English muffin slightly more golden? Press the “A Bit More” button for another 30 seconds or so of toasting. If only boyfriends were this intuitive.

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