BlueStar's Fantastic New Pots

BlueStar Cookware

© BlueStar
BlueStar's new cookware line

I have a cooking-pot fetish that sometimes veers into the problematic. Particularly when I live in a 300-square-foot Brooklyn studio that doesn't, at first blush, seem the ideal home for 20-odd pots and pans, and growing (what can I say—I'm trying to keep up with Paula Wolfert). I try to exercise restraint and keep myself to just one of everything. So it's always a thrill when a new line of pots comes out, giving me the excuse to make room for one more. This month BlueStar, the oven company formerly known as Garland, has released a new line of aluminum-lined stainless steel skillets and saucepans. They claim the cookware is designed to work on their restaurant-grade home stoves, i.e., to withstand 22,000 BTUs of heat. I don't have an oven that cranks out 22,000 BTUs, but I do like the even cooking of the thick-bottomed saucepan we informally tested here. I also liked its balanced heft and its smooth, rounded handle, which didn't heat up with the rest of the pan. The helper-handle seemed a little extraneous for such a small pot, but its extra-large dimensions do give your fingers plenty of clearance if you like to use them.

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