The Bloody Mary and Beyond: 5 Awesome Ways to Drink Tomatoes

Here, 5 terrific drinks that illustrate exactly how you should be drinking summer tomatoes.

Thanks to tomato ace Justin Chapple, peeling tomatoes for homemade sauces (or juices!) has never been easier. So set aside that bottled tomato juice and use his smart trick when preparing your next brunch beverage. Here, 5 terrific drinks that illustrate exactly how you should be drinking summer tomatoes:

1. Sangrita
This sweet-and-savory nonalcoholic drink features tomato juice, orange juice hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and a dash of salty olive brine.

2. The Bloody Macallan (Scotch with Tomatoes)
Purists will insist that the subtleties of a fine single malt Scotch are lost in a mixed drink, but this cocktail proves otherwise. It's rich, smooth and strangely exotic.

3. Caprese Daiquiri
This daiquiri evokes the flavors of a caprese salad (tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella). It's spiked with white rum and garnished with a mini caprese on a skewer.

4. Blondie Marys
This tangy Bloody is surprising and fun as yellow (“blondie”) tomatoes are substituted for the usual red.

5. Aviary’s Bloody Mary
This deconstructed Bloody Mary can be made year-round with bottled tomato juice, but fresh, ripe tomatoes in the summer are optimal. Instead of the usual ice cubes, it calls for colorful cubes flavored with celery, Worcestershire and Fresno chiles.

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